Die-hard soccer fans like Daily Astorian managing editor PATRICK WEBB, pictured inset, who originally hails from England, are rejoicing team CRYSTAL PALACE’S VICTORY over Watford during the playoffs at Wembley Stadium in London recently, putting the Palace in the Premier League for the first time in 8 years.

But how many got to talk about how they felt about the win on the radio?

“Just been interviewed by DOMINIC LAURIE (pictured),” Patrick wrote on his Facebook page, “on BBC RADIO live UP ALL NIGHT show (it was 2 in the morning in England), along with a fellow Crystal Palace soccer fan from Sydney, Australia, about reactions to the playoff win.”

Unfortunately a recorded version of the Memorial Day conversation isn’t available online.

“The irony of the call was the radio host, who said my accent sounded like I had moved from England a long time ago!” Patrick observed. “My mother says I speak with an American accent, too.”

— Elleda Wilson