The Ear first heard about the CROW that’s stuck inside the SEASIDE SAFEWAY Monday, when LIBBY NIEDERMEYER, a longtime Gearhart summer resident called about it. She was upset because the crow had been trapped in there since Saturday.

Well, actually, the Ear heard from a store employee, the crow has camping out in there since Friday the 13th, and as of Wednesday afternoon, was scouting out the pet food aisle.

According to the WILDLIFE CENTER OF THE NORTH COAST (, the best way to get the bird out is to leave the doors open, put some food in the doorway, and keep people away from the area until the crow figures it out and takes off.

A tipster, who took the photo shown (and who prefers to remain anonymous), told the Ear he spoke to several staffers at the store. He thinks “they are doing what they can” to get the crow to go home. In fact, he said, they almost had the recalcitrant bird out the door several times – but it comes right back in. After all, the tipster noted, the crow has “unlimited chow and no competition.”

Be that as it may, if the crow who came to dinner hasn’t moved on by the time this newspaper hits the racks on Friday, Safeway needs to try a lot harder to help him out. All that’s needed now is a happy ending.

— Elleda Wilson


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