“Maybe this isn’t newsworthy, but there’s a BIRD showing up on our deck yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday) that doesn’t appear to be a native,” Astorian JAN MITCHELL told the Ear.

The Ear thinks it is a MALE BUDGERIGAR, better known as a budgie, or parakeet. The birds originated in Australia, but are now widely bred and are popular pets in the U.S. With a little coaxing, and a lot of patience, they can even be taught to talk.

“It let me get fairly close,” Jan reported, so it’s likely someone’s pet.

“If somebody is missing it – it seems a bit lost, but is eating the leftover seeds, along with the sparrows and a couple of Eurasian collared doves,” Jan added. “It seems quite small to me and maybe immature. If there’s an owner, they are welcome to contact us at 503-836-7820.”

— Elleda Wilson


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