The Seaside Public Library and its resident feline, Neo, are mentioned in the June/July issue of "American Libraries," the magazine of the American Library Association. The library's "Who's Reading in Seaside" program is featured, along with a picture of Neo trying to better herself by reading "Good Cats, Bad Habits." The program encourages people to read and use the library by highlighting community leaders and residents with photos and descriptions of their reading habits. The magazine article also mentions Seaside Mayor DON LARSON and Seaside Fire Chief JOE DOTSON.

"It's kind of sad when a cat is more famous than the mayor or fire chief," Library Director REITA FACKERELL said. "We want to promote reading and have fun and bring the community together as a whole. It's like a giant reading club."

Neo has been living at the library since last summer. Library staff got permission to feed Neo from the cat's human across the street and obtained "full custody" of the cat when the owner moved away. Patrons donate money to pay for Neo's veterinarian bills, food and kitty litter. "She's a self-supporting member of the library," Fackerell said.

The "Who's Reading" display will go back up at the library in July.

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