Just in case you’re wondering how many FOOTSTEPS it takes to walk halfway across the country from Seaside, DANIEL REINKE, pictured, of Forest Lake, Minn., who is on a “CROSS AMERICA” pilgrimage to Virginia Beach, Va., can give you the answer.

He left Seaside May 5, passed through Astoria, and as of the end of June was in Northwest Iowa, where the Sioux City Journal found him in Lake View, Iowa (http://tinyurl.com/reinkewalk). He was close to 3 million steps at that point, according to his pedometer, and figured he walked about 28 to 29 miles a day, or about 60,000 steps.

On July 9, he posted on his blog (www.danreinke.blogspot.com) that he had “just walked through the city of Peoria in Illinois and am approaching the 1,700 mile mark, and within a week or two should hit 4 million footsteps.” Yikes.

No word yet on how many pairs of shoes he’s worn out.

— Elleda Wilson


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