In One Ear: Kristina to the rescue

In One Ear: Kristina to the rescue

Gail Hippensteel contacted the Ear to say that Kristina Lundin, pictured, a Fred Meyer employee, had saved a man’s life on Easter Sunday. It was news to the Ear, who of course, wanted to know more. A call to Kristina was in order.

“I was at work, and I heard the emergency page on the overhead,” Kristina said. “I, along with several other associates, went to the sporting goods department, and I saw a male customer laying on his side and not looking good.

“One of the other associates had already called 911, so I had two others help me to move the customer so he was on his back. Once he was on his back, I noticed that he was not breathing, so I began CPR. The paramedics and fire department arrived and took over.

“I was very concerned about the customer and how he was doing. I had been told that he was transported to Portland later that night, and then on Tuesday, April 22, I received a call from the customer’s daughter. His daughter told me that he was doing OK and they wanted to say thank you for my actions. Not too long after I spoke with his daughter, I received a plant and a card of thanks from the family.”

“It felt really good to know that I was able to help him,” she added, “and be there when someone needed help. I was very happy to hear that he was doing OK.”

“This woman should be recognized for her good deed,” Gail declared. Indeed.

— Elleda Wilson


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