In One Ear: P.S. in a pocket

In One Ear: P.S. in a pocket

According to a story in The Daily Mail (, another TITANIC item hit the auction block recently: a letter (pictured) written on the doomed ship just hours before it hit the iceberg that sank it on April 15, 1912.

Written by mother and daughter Esther and Eva Hart to Esther’s mother in London, the epistle was expected to go for about $168,000, but ultimately sold for a whopping $200,000. Esther and Eva were among the 700 Titanic survivors.

The letter came through the ordeal intact because Esther’s husband, Benjamin, who died when the ship went down, put it in the pocket of his coat, but then gave the coat to his wife to keep her warm.

Ironically, the letter is about what a “wonderful passage” they were having on the Titanic. Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge claimed it’s the only known letter written on the Titanic its last day afloat.

Nautical history buffs no doubt recall that the great-grandson of Astoria’s namesake, JOHN JACOB ASTOR IV, also died in the Titanic disaster. His pregnant wife, MADELINE, made it into a lifeboat, and gave birth to John Jacob Astor V four months later in New York (

— Elleda Wilson


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