Bree and Matt Phillips, holding Jack Matthew Phillips.Association members are celebrating the birth of "their" baby, Jack Matthew Phillips. Baby Jack is the son of SDDA Executive Director BREE PHILLIPS and Clatsop County Sheriff's Deputy MATT PHILLIPS. Jack was born June 6 and weighed eight pounds. Phillips will return to SDDA duties in July after maternity leave. SDDA Treasurer KEITH CHANDLER insists that Jack doesn't hold a candle to his five babies: harbor seals born at the Seaside Aquarium between May 31 and June 20.

Don and Carol Haskell sure have been busy lately. Two weeks ago, they attended grand daughter Lindsay Funari's graduation from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois.

Then Don had his 50th college reunion at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. They reportedly had a great time seeing friends from long ago. "The only trouble," Don remarked, "was all the old people there."

Last week, Don and Carol celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in San Francisco with all three children, Catherine Funari, David Haskell and Debbie Eitner, their spouses, and all six grandchildren. They had a fun time exploring the city and Fisherman's Wharf. The entire family ended their celebration Father's Day at the AnZu's Sunday brunch in the posh Nikko Hotel.

Jim Stanovich borrowed a horse from friend Ken Wood and rode to victory at the Rose Festival June 12. As Col. Stanovich, a Confederate brigade commander, he rode in a group of eight Civil War re-enactors who took first place in the Grand Floral Parade's equestrian division. KOIN TV's Dave Sweeney, the Channel 6 weatherman, rode with them as part of TV coverage of the event.

Stanovich, who in real life supervises The Daily Astorian's press room, has been a re-enactor for 12 years. He said his borrowed horse, a palomino named Yellow Rose of Texas, was very mellow and relaxed, even though she had never been in a parade before. It was a good thing, because they had to be at the Coliseum at 7:30 a.m. for judging, then had a long wait until 11:30, when the parade started. "Trying to keep the horses entertained was tricky," Stanovich said. Not to mention wearing a gray wool Confederate uniform on a hot day.

At Monday night's dinner for Oregon State University President EDWARD RAY, OSU Seafood Laboratory Director MIKE MORRISSEY played the role of comic foil. Introducing himself, Morrissey said: "I'm director of Oregon State University." Morrissey's verbal slip prompted many jokes, including one from Ray. "The next time I get an angry letter, I'll refer the writer to the director of Oregon State University."

The Astor Library Friends Association needs you! Dedicated volunteers have made the used book sale a cherished Astoria tradition, says ALFA board member Roz Edelson. "We're having a party for everyone - not just ALFA members - who appreciates the sale and wants to help it continue."

ALFA needs a book sale coordinator and volunteers to help with many tasks. The last two sales, in April and November, raised almost $5,000 for the Astoria Public Library. The Abundant Desserts Book Sale party is 7:30 p.m. July 8 at 766 Lexington Ave. in Astoria. For more information, contact 338- 6508.

The spring sale volunteers were: Cyndi Lee, book sale coordinator; Laurie Caplan, Martha Dillen, Roz Edelson, Alex Ferber, Ella Hill, Craig Holt, Heidi Howard, Danielle Howard, Karen Kenyon, Don Kolbur, Bob Kost, Arline LaMear, Cliff LaMear, Robin Levin, Beth Mannarino, Jeanne Nasby, Judy Richmond, Barbara Wedell, Steve Wedell, and Carol Welch; and from Bethany Lutheran Church, Pastor Craig Johnson, Matt Grothe, Melissa Grothe, Lois Grothe and Rose Tollefson.

Also helping were the Clatsop County Jail Work Crew and deputies and the library staff.

The Scandinavian Midsummer Festival's first Running of the Trolls last week attracted a field of 22. The TROLL STROLL, a 5.25 mile walk or run from the Clatsop County Fairgrounds to Labiske Lane and back, is a scholarship fund-raiser. "Our favorite Festival Troll, Perry Browning, was there to offer encouragement and cheer on the walkers and runners," said KATRINA IVANOFF, co-chairwoman of the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Association. "We hope to do this every year." Fastest man was ALAN BECK of Gearhart; fastest woman was SARA MORRISSEY of Astoria. Each took home a much-coveted Troll trophy.

Astoria's commitment to its history won it a featured spot in the "Great Getaways" section of AAA Oregon's July-August 2004 travel magazine, Via. The two-page article by travel writer Susan G. Hauser highlights similar attractions as her March 7 New York Times piece on Astoria's ongoing cultural makeover. Astoria shared the limelight with other featured destinations McMinnville, Redding, Calif., and Tacoma, Wash.

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