Some people never slow downIda Heath, a very active 98-year-old treasurer for Willapa Valley Grange No. 527, recently received the Governor's Recognition Award signed by Gov. Gary Locke, for 60 years of grange membership, along with a pin and certificate from the grange itself.

Heath, left in photo, pictured with ANNE GRIMM, center, and CARRIE McDONALD, first joined 70 years ago, but during the Great Depression moved to a farm in the Willapa Valley with her growing family, and for a few years did not rejoin a subordinate group.

Her oldest son Merne heath, the overseer, will also become a 60-year member within the year.

Ida lives in Raymond, Wash., and still drives her car to meetings and shopping.

The Depot restaurant in Seaview usually hums with activity on a Friday night, but August 6 was over the top. LIZ and TONY GARZINO celebrated their 15th anniversary with friends. Unbeknown to Tony, the silver Mercedes C 280 was his anniversary gift from Liz, a broker with Beach House Realty. Tony, an Ocean Park goldsmith, doesn't eat dessert, so the keys to the car were placed in a champagne glass, covered by a layer of herbs. Thinking the keys were a piece of chocolate, Tony was initially dumbfounded. "He's still in a state of disbelief," says Liz.

JEROME ARNOLD, of Cannon Beach took his 16-year-old granddaughter to the John Kerry rally in Portland, and said it was "Awesome." He snapped this photo as he got up close and personal with the presidential candidate. "There were so many people the fire department had them stop admitting them into the fenced area. There were people lining both sides of the bridge, thousands on Front Street, more in windows and balconies ... what a turnout, what a response. JULIE ARNOLD and I were both able to shake Kerry's hand."

The Astoria High School Class of 1954 held its 50th reunion Aug. 13 through 15. "One of the most enjoyable events of the reunion was an hour-long informative, memorable and once-in-a-lifetime tour of the Liberty Theater, led by JO ROBINSON of Liberty Restoration Inc.," said SHIRLEY TINNER. The 50 classmates and significant others were so impressed and enthused that they passed the hat and bought a seat in the name of the Class of 1954. Now, this class wants to challenge other AHS classes to purchase a seat in their names. "Think about it - 50 classmates donating $20 each, can buy a seat to show your grandchildren how your class supported this grand endeavor in preserving a piece of history in Astoria," said Tinner.

On June 19, 2004 The Final Crown National Pageantry System directed by LORIE NIJJAR, held a county level Beauty Pageant. The pageant was held at The Star of the Sea School with many proud parents and friends watching. All contestants received a trophy, sash, medallion, crown and gift. The following are The Final Crowns' Clatsop County Royalty.

Infant Mr. King: Josiah Dunaway; Baby Mr. King: Ryder May; Tiny Mr. King: Nathan Owens; Little Mr. King: Nicholas Owens; Baby Miss Queen: Ashley Painter; Wee Miss Queen: Noelle Bastiaen; Petite Miss Queen: Jewleia Aching; Precious Miss Queen: Isabella Marincovich-Mallares; Junior Miss Queen: Jennifer Donovan; Teen Miss Queen: Kristen Lesher, Teen Miss Princess: Ashleigh Hart; Miss Queen: Coreene Tussing; Grand Supreme Queen: Gabriella Marincovich-Mallares, pictured in photo by Amazing Portraits.

Also crowned Shrida Sharma as a National Ambassador. For information visit ( or call (503) 791-1473.

Seafood Consumer Center chef ERIC JENKINS returned from the Great American Seafood Cook-Off in New Orleans last week, and although he didn't take home a prize, he did spread the word about the wonders of Oregon's seafood.

"One of the things we got out of it was a lot of exposure, not only for Astoria but for the seafood from around here," said Jenkins. "It was an opportunity to showcase what this area has to offer to all the country." In addition to concocting a dish for the contest of Oregon petrole sole stuffed with Dungeness crab and Oregon pink shrimp, served with a bacon and green onion hollandaise sauce, Jenkins treated about 250 visitors to the Louisiana Seafood Expo to black cod, which he said many had not tried before.

Jenkins and the cook-off will be the subject of a Food Network program to air in 2005, possibly in the spring.

EVOO, a new cooking school at 188 South Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach, is offering its first summer curriculum. It's designed for "foodie" travelers and home cooks. EVOO stands for extra virgin olive oil, the popular key ingredient in both haute cuisine and simple, peasant fare. EVOO owners LENORE EMERY and BOB NERONI have extensive food backgrounds. Bob is a chef and former culinary director for top level events in the Seattle area, and Lenore is a food safety specialist. Already, John Sarich, executive chef with Chateau St. Michele Winery and host of TV program "Best of Taste," has filmed a segment on EVOO and on Ocean Lodge & Beach Bungalows at Cannon Beach, which will air some time this Fall on OPB-TV. For reservations and information, go to EVOO's Web site at ( or call (503) 436-8555.

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