In One Ear: You oughta be in pictures

In One Ear: You oughta be in pictures

Want to be in “Star Wars: Episode VII,” filming in London? No, the Ear is not kidding. It’s all part of director J.J. Abrams’ (pictured) fundraiser/sweepstakes, “Star Wars: Force for Change,” to benefit UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs, and you need to be 18 or older to enter.

“Star Wars fans, movie lovers and dreamers, this is it,” the sweepstake’s website says ( “You and one lucky friend will be flown out to London, where you’ll go behind the scenes on the closed set of “Star Wars: Episode VII” as our VIP guests.

“You’ll watch the filming and meet the newest members of the cast, but that’s not all. You’ll also be in the movie! You will be transformed by our makeup and costume teams into a Star Wars character to be filmed for an actual scene in Episode VII.”

So, what’s the hitch? Abrams is hoping you will donate $10 (the minimum), which gives you one entry. Not feeling philanthropic today? The Ear did the footwork for you and yes, indeed, you can enter for free But make sure the drop-down box under “Country” says, “You Could Be In Star Wars: Episode 7.”

By the way, Episode 7 will feature the return of several the original “Star Wars” actors. May the force be with you.

— Elleda Wilson


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