In the news ... again


The ongoing battle between the Port of Astoria and the East Mooring Basin sea lions once again made a hit in the news with the port’s latest efforts to get the pesky pinnipeds off the docks: Scaring them off with “air dancers,” which are usually seen attracting attention around car dealerships.

The air dancer/sea lion confrontation garnered headlines from publications including the Huffington Post, the Weather Channel, Smithsonian Magazine, Global News in Canada, and the UK’s Daily Mail, not to mention several TV stations around the country. Once again, it’s the laugh heard round the world.

The contretemps even became a question on a Comedy Central game show Tuesday night on @Midnight with Chris Hardwick ( The segment is about 6 minutes in; a screen shot of the show is pictured. The three contestants were asked what the Port of Astoria was doing to get rid of the sea lions, and the choice of answers was: a gun, the air dancers or loud music from Kid Rock.

“Listen, you and I both know it’s Kid Rock,” panelist Cameron Esposito said. “But I want it to be inflatable tube men, so I will take the loss by saying it’s inflatable tube men.”

“You’re absolutely right! It’s inflatable tube men,” Hardwick said. “This, my friends, is why you will never see a sea lion at Toyotathon.”

— Elleda Wilson