British Bigfoot


OK, this is a rather fascinating, but baffling, Bigfoot sighting: BristolLive ( reports that a train passenger says he saw a Bigfoot walking alongside a hedge 10 miles from Bristol, England, last November. Why it’s suddenly news now is a bit of a mystery.

“I’m 100 per cent sure what I saw was the English Bigfoot,” he told BristolLive, “and what makes me so confident is the way it walked, with slightly bent legs, long strides but a graceful fluid walking motion.” It does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

The incident has been dutifully reported to the British Bigfoot Sightings Reports group (who knew?), which is worth checking out at Pictured, courtesy of the website, a U.K. sitings map of Bigfoot and other fascinating creatures, like the Tipperary Wolfmen and the Haslingdon Hairy Man, and countless others. The Pacific Northwest seems downright tame in comparison.

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