Ear: McDreamy

"A local Astoria Etsy business has gone viral on the Internet,"  Shelby Chandler wrote. "Sandrine Froehle (pictured), owner of iheartpopcandles (bit.ly/heartpop), is slightly overwhelmed with orders for her 'McDreamy' candle.

"The 'Grey's Anatomy' candle (based on the character played by Patrick Dempsey) has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, Insider, Yahoo Business, Pop Sugar, several other sites, as well as on news stations in Kentucky, Florida, and who knows where else.

"Sandrine and her employees have never seen such a response to one candle, and the orders keep coming in, from as far away as Iceland."

The candle label is a hoot: "Smells like a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat on a beautiful night to save lives." Actually, the aroma combines salt and shea.

A note to the ultra-busy entrepreneur asking her about her shop brought a quick reply. "It's been a heck of a week!" Sandine wrote. "Recently we were featured on People.com (bit.ly/peoplepop). Needless to say, we're all hands on deck at the moment!

"We've been making candles since 2015. Our first candle shop on Etsy, Define Design Etc., has all personalized candles.

"We made a 'Friends' themed candle, and 'Gilmore Girls' themed candle, and they quickly became our best sellers:). It's obvious people are very faithful followers to their fandoms.

"I Heart Pop Candles just made sense … so we opened a completely separate Etsy shop, focused entirely on some of our favorite books, shows and movies.

"We are a small team of ladies, who have way too much fun doing what we do. Every single candle is hand poured here in Astoria, Oregon. We hand-label each candle, and pack them with care to send off to their new homes."

"Our family moved to Astoria five years ago," she added, "and we are so thrilled to be a part of this community!"

Elleda Wilson is an editorial assistant for The Astorian and author of the award-winning In One Ear community column. Contact her at 971-704-1718 or ewilson@dailyastorian.com.

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