Ear: Heart

"My wife, Liz, and I made a fun little discovery this Valentine’s weekend," John Jolley wrote, "that folks thought I ought to send in to the paper.

"Just like everyone in the area, we woke up to the beautifully frozen scenery, and also all the damage that was done by the ice storm. We also found that the folks on our road, Fern Hill Road, were kept from using the road due to a fallen tree that was blocking the way.

"A few of us in the neighborhood joined Ron Norris, one of our senior neighbors and his daughter, Rhonda Hageman — who was there to keep an eye on her aged father — as he grabbed his chainsaw to make short work of the blockage." Also lending a hand were Stan Johnson, and a relative newcomer to the road, Cameron Smith.

"It was a great scene to be out in the beauty of the icy covered early morning, amongst the damage of downed trees, working and conversing with our neighbors as we cleaned up our little mess together.

"In the end, we were rewarded in a surprisingly natural way. As we finished cleaning up the last bits of fallen branches and the stack of newly cut firewood, my wife happened to notice what was revealed on the cut edge of the fallen trunk.

"In the center rings of this fallen tree there was the shape of a heart … nature's valentine. A neat little discovery for this group of neighbors out enjoying the scenery, working together and the valentine weekend."

Liz took the photo shown.

"It was a crazy day with outrages and road blocks and plenty of fallen trees everywhere," he added, "but in our small spot of the county we had a little heart, too."