Ear: Shanghai

Dire rerun: The Oregon Archives posted a "shanghai" letter on its Facebook page dated July 29, 1891, from Darius Norris to Astorian Bill Joplin. Norris wound up in London after being shanghaied in Astoria.

The letter is at tinyurl.com/NorrisLtr. A few excerpts:

"… I was run aboard a ship, shanghaied by (Astoria) Chief of Police Barry … I will go over to New York, then I will telegraph to (Bill) Edgar to send me money …

"They shanghaied me under the name of Smith. I will come back and face the whole crowd of them that wronged me …

"… They got $140 (about $4,200 now) blood money on me by shanghaiing me on that ship. I got nothing. They told me that I was no seaman, so I got abused and crippled and got nothing, and was left here destitute by the action of those scoundrels.

"I will meet them if I live." (In One Ear, 10/6/2017)

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