Ear: Reza

Fun rerun: File this under "Dumb Things People Do at Sea" for 2016:

Endurance runner Reza Baluchi (runwithreza.org) was picked up and towed, again, by a U.S. Coast Guard cutter April 24 off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, when his run to Bermuda — a jaunt of over 1,000 miles — in a hydro-pod bubble failed, gCaptain reports (tinyurl.com/bubblebummer).

This was his second attempt. The first time, in October 2014, he got lost in the Gulf Stream, and was asking for directions to Bermuda, before caving and calling for rescue after three days. After that, the Coast Guard ordered him specifically not to do it again unless he had proper support and self-rescue options in place.

He obviously ignored the order and, no surprises here, called for their help several hours after departing. He now faces a possible seven years in jail and a $40,000 fine. (In One Ear, 5/6/16)

Note: His latest mission is to be the first person to run around the world.

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