Ear: Rowboat

In September 2019, professional rower, sailor and navigator Lia Ditton completed a five-day Columbia River row from Portland to the Hammond Marina, as reported in The Astorian by Lucy Kleiner (bit.ly/LiaRow1). Ditton's eventual goal is to be the first woman to row solo across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco.

Although she came to Hammond to train in the notoriously difficult North Coast sea conditions, she was no neophyte at dealing with treacherous waters. She had already sailed across the Atlantic solo, and rowed across the Atlantic with a partner.

When Ditton left Hammond, she rowed to San Francisco, which she accomplished in 25 days. Then, in 2020, she rowed from San Francisco to Hawaii in 87 days. Now, the specialized boat she used for both solo ventures, Happy Socks, is up for sale on her Facebook page (bit.ly/LiaRow3). Ditton and the boat (top photo) are pictured, courtesy of her Facebook page.

Why? She told the San Francisco Chronicle (bit.ly/LiaRow2) that the boat, now dry-docked for months, is just too heavy, at 600 pounds, for her Japan to San Francisco row, now planned for 2023. She needs something much lighter, in the 350-pound range. 

Ditton has made some new records with Happy Socks: In 2018, for rowing nonstop for four days around the Farallon Islands; and in 2019, the record for rowing nonstop around Catalina Island for four days. Then, in 2020, she broke two Guinness World Records during the row to Hawaii.

If you're interested, you'd better break out the cookie jar. Ditton will part with Happy Socks for $48,000.