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From The Daily Morning Astorian, Friday, Oct. 3, 1884:

• The sunken steamer Joseph Kellogg was raised last Wednesday. The damage was about $500 (about $13,000 now).

Note: The Joseph Kellogg, a sternwheeler, had surprisingly few mishaps, aside from this one, in her long career (1851-1929). She snagged at least three times, survived a collision in 1889, was wrecked and repaired in 1906 and went through at least two refittings and a reconstruction. She was sold in 1920, renamed Madeline in 1921, and ignominiously abandoned in 1929. (http://bit.ly/joekell).

From The Daily Morning AstorianFriday, Oct. 3, 1890:

•Work is still progressing on the extension of the horse car track at the eastern end towards Alderbrook.

Note: Five horse cars took to the streets starting May 9, 1888, run by the Astoria Street Railway Company, covering 3 miles of track on Commercial Street. But by 1892, worried about competition from other transit modes (electric, steam motor, cable cars) the company took a gamble and converted four horse cars to electric motors. (http://bit.ly/horsecarz)

Robert Chabot, the Pacific County cranberry king, signed at the Occident yesterday.

Note: Robert was the nephew of Anthony Chabot, who bought property on the Long Beach (Wash.) Peninsula in the early 1880s because he (rightfully) believed the climate would be suitable for commercial cranberry growing. Robert moved to Ilwaco and oversaw the operations, but left in 1892 to start his own cranberry business in Grays Harbor County. (bit.ly/chabotcran)

Popular in 1893:

Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup for coughs, colds and croup. It is just as effective today as it was 40 years go. Sold at 50 cents ($14.25 now) a bottle. 

Note: Believe it or not, onion syrup was described in Dr. Nicholas Culpepper's "The Complete Herbal" in 1850 as an ancient cough remedy, and is still used today. It sounds awful — sliced onions layered with sugar or honey in a closed jar till it all liquefies — but some swear by it. Or at it. (bit.ly/onionsyrup, bit.ly/onionsyrup2)

Elleda Wilson is an editorial assistant for The Astorian and author of the award-winning In One Ear community column. Contact her at 971-704-1718 or ewilson@dailyastorian.com.

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