Ear: Astorian

Tidbits from The Daily Morning Astorian, June 11, 1889:

• Many years ago a British vessel called the Scranton was wrecked on Sand Island. Her hull has now come to the surface, and some of the men employed there are burning the old timbers.

Note: The W. B. Scranton, helmed by Capt. Paul Corno, was driven into the sand on May 5, 1866. Cape Disappointment's lighthouse keeper Capt. J.W. Munson and his men rescued all aboard.

Corno was also captain of and one of the few survivors of the ship Industry, which also wrecked on the Columbia River Bar in 1865.

• Pacific County, Washington Territory, is going to build a bridge across the Chinook River

Notes: At the time there was no road connection between Chinook and Ilwaco, only water access, even though Chinook was the home of the county's first court and salmon cannery. The bridge was completed in 1891.

A narrow gauge railroad from the former town of Megler (just east of Chinook) to Ilwaco, was built later but dismantled in 1931. (bit.ly/WBScranton, bit.ly/CnookBridge)

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