Ear: Goonies

Fun rerun: "This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Astoria Monster Bash (Oct. 31, 1984) sponsored by the city of Astoria and Chamber of Commerce," Rosemary Johnson, city planner, told the Ear.

"The party portion of the original event was held at the former YMCA building, with the crowd overflowing into the Hughes-Ransom Mortuary parking lot. The parade included Disney character actor Dallas McKennon as grand marshal, and the party included autographs by the Goonies."

From TheGoonies.org: "Crowds packed the small lobby so tightly that no one could move. Even with a bull horn, instructions could not be heard over the excitement of the multitude of kids.

"Eventually, the adult stars volunteered to come to help control some of the crowd by signing autographs in another room."

Rosemary is looking for more photos of that day; one is shown. Have some to share? Contact her at rosemaryjcurt@gmail.com (In One Ear, 10/17/2014)

Note: It's six years later, and she's still looking for more photos!

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