Ear: Corey

In the wake of "The Goonies" cast members appearing recently at various comic-cons, the speculation arose once again about the possibility of a sequel to the iconic film.

One of TMZ's reporters decided to find out once and for all what's going on, so he caught Corey Feldman on the street in New York, and asked him straight out if there was going to be a Goonies reunion (bit.ly/coreysez).

"What reunion?" Feldman replied, laughing. "There ain't no damn Goonies reunion! No, it's a rumor, man, it's a rumor."

"But we did these — you know — a few comic-cons, just appearances together, but that was it," he explained. "There's no campaign. There's no Goonies 2 happening."

Feldman, who's shown in a screen shot courtesy of TMZ, is too busy to even think about it right now, anyway. He says he's working on a documentary, and a boxed set is coming out, and there are a few movies "in the pipeline." Nope, not anything Goonie.

It sounds like a sequel is off the table — for now, anyway. After all, anything's possible in Hollywood.

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