Is Brujo the oldest cat in Oregon? Quite possibly. “I’ve known my husband for 18 years,” Astorian Sue Korpela said, “I’ve had Brujo for 25.”

She adopted the stray 6-week-old kitten in 1993, when she was living in Kodiak, Alaska. A trip to the veterinarian was in order, so she took him to Dr. Brad Pope for shots and neutering. Yes, it’s the same Dr. Pope who is now in Warrenton.

Sue named the kitten Brujo because “he used to be kind of mean, and Brujo means warlock in Spanish,” she told Alistair Gardiner of the Kodiak Daily Mirror, who wrote a story about Brujo last October.

In 2005, Sue moved back to Astoria, where she was brought up. Brujo, unsettled by the move, disappeared after a few weeks. Eleven months later, she spotted him at Landwehr’s market at Miles Crossing. It was only 2.2 miles from home, yet it was sheer luck she found him.

Sue and her husband like to travel, so they bought an RV so Brujo can come along. “He loves it,” she told Gardiner, “it’s like a little home for him.” They even took Brujo to the solar eclipse last year, and he had his own set of eclipse glasses.

Nowadays, he stays home and takes it easy, but still does a little hunting. “Brujo’s hunting techniques consist of hiding in the grass and waiting for a chipmunk to come his way or finding a vole hole and waiting and listening,” Sue said, although one time a chipmunk landed on Brujo’s back while he was lurking, and gave him quite a turn.

Happily, Brujo’s disposition has mellowed with retirement. “Now he follows me around like a puppy dog,” Sue noted, “and will come when I call him.”

So, is Brujo the oldest cat in Oregon? The last Guinness World Records holder, Courderoy, 27, of Eugene, disappeared in 2016 ( Sue wrote to Guinness about Brujo, and they replied with a link to an application with an $800 fee. Consequently, the oldest cat question remains unanswered, but there’s no question about this: Brujo rules.

Elleda Wilson is an editorial assistant for The Daily Astorian and author of the award-winning In One Ear community column. Contact her at 971-704-1718 or

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