Ear: Goonies

Since Goonie Days are Friday through Sunday, some Goonie trivia is in order, starting with a website devoted to the partially found/deleted scenes from the beloved 1985 movie at tinyurl.com/missingGoon

There you will find videos of the octopus encounter, shopping at the convenience store, Data’s “Spy Eyes” and still shots from scenes where there is no known video footage, including a car going into the Columbia River, gorilla car thieves, and photos from the vanished alternate ending (one photo is shown, courtesy of LostMediaWiki.com).

With all the versions of the movie that have been released over the years, scenes that are deleted in one, might pop up in another. The Internet Movie Database’s almost 1,000 word explanation of the several variations will make your head spin (tinyurl.com/diffGoons).

And, last but not least, did you know there was a song that was supposed to run with the credits? It was director Richard Donner‘s idea, and set teacher Rhoda C. Fine wrote the ditty, which was supposed to be sung by the Goonie kids.

The lyrics to “The Goondock Rock” are here: tinyurl.com/rhodasong (did you know One-Eyed Willie’s last name is Wilcox?). Sorry folks, there’s no known recording.

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