Ear: Goonies

Want to stun and amaze friends, foes and tourists with your knowledge of "The Goonies" trivia? Check out the Internet Movie Database’s webpage at tinyurl.com/goontriv

For example: The newspaper article photo of Chester Copperpot is really actor Keenan Wynn. And, did you know Sean Astin was allowed to keep the treasure map, but his mother, Patty Duke, found it several years later, thought it was trash, and threw it out? Here’s a good one: One-Eyed Willie's name is actually William B. Pordobel.

If 53 items is not enough trivial Goonieness for you, check out the link on the right to reveal 105 Goonies bloopers under "Goofs." All in all, it's a Goon-fest.

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