‘Martha Lavonne Benthin Evans (Marty) has been missing exactly 29 years today,” her sister, Linda Benthin-Weirup, posted on the Finding Marty Benthin Evans Facebook page on Sunday. Marty, 33, left the High Climber Room Lounge in Knappa on Feb. 10, 1990, driving a 1984 brown Ford truck, and vanished (

“She had left a wedding reception to run into the nearby town of Warrenton to pick up something, and had clearly planned to return,” Linda explained. “… Law enforcement at the time told (her) family that she had voluntarily disappeared, and refused to take a missing person report.”

And this was despite the fact that Marty didn’t take her purse, and the only known clothing she had with her was the bridesmaid dress she was wearing. “No missing person report equals no investigation into someone’s disappearance,” Linda noted. Which means no one was questioned at the time she went missing to see if anyone had seen her, or knew anything about what happened to her.

In fact, Marty wasn’t even listed as officially missing until around 2005, when Det. Matt Beeson of the Oregon State Police took the case, at which time Linda and her mother gave DNA samples so they could be matched to any unidentified remains that were found.

There is one explanation for Marty’s disappearance that hasn’t been verified yet. “… There are deep sloughs in the area,” Linda said, “and it is also possible that Marty misjudged the road and ended up in the Brownsmead Slough — which has some pockets of extremely deep water.”

Adding to the family’s frustration, there are rumors of a truck being at the bottom of the slough. “We are always hoping to find volunteer divers,” Linda wrote. Oddly enough, even after several seemingly serious offers over the years, not one single diver has followed through.

Marty’s whereabouts remain a mystery. If you know anything about what happened to Marty Benthin Evans, call Det. Beeson at 503-861-0781, ext. 34006.

“My sister and I were 10 1/2 months apart,” Linda observed. “Very close in age, and thus close in life … we always stayed connected. Always! Not a day goes by …”

Elleda Wilson is an editorial assistant for The Astorian and author of the award-winning In One Ear community column. Contact her at 971-704-1718 or

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