Ear: Treasure

Deidra and I were asked by vlogger Mike Cowling if we’d like to participate in his Cowlazars Grand Adventure Forrest Fenn coin hunts,” Deirdra’s husband, Dustin White, wrote. “We enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity.”

Cowling and Kris Thor talk about treasure hunts around the country on their vlog, but their primary focus is on ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ treasure hunt by Forrest Fenn, which is where the prized collectible coins come from.

The Whites centered their treasure hunt theme around “The Goonies.” The vloggers liked the Whites’ idea so much, they decided the prize would include two Forrest Fenn coins instead of just one. The coins vary in value, but White says these two were worth around $1,000.

Treasure seekers got their clues from snippets of a poem — released a few lines at a time — that gradually narrowed down the theme and location of the treasure. The hints, and their explanations, are at bit.ly/GoonFenn

The treasure could have been anywhere in the country; people were looking in Florida, and anyplace that was known for pirate tales, Dustin noted, until they caught on to the Goonies theme.

Naturally, the hiding spot was in Astoria’s back yard. Lisa Kristine and Wayne Patterson of Forest Grove found the prize in Shively Park on April 20. Treasure-hunting Goonies never say die.

Elleda Wilson is an editorial assistant for The Astorian and author of the award-winning In One Ear community column. Contact her at 971-704-1718 or ewilson@dailyastorian.com.