Photobombed by a ghost?


A Titanic ghost is in the news this week, just in time for Halloween: Cheryl and Luke Arkless claim they were photobombed by the ship’s captain, Edward John Smith, when a family member took a photo of them at Robinsons Bar in Belfast, Ireland, well-known for its “Titanic vibe,” and Titanic memorabilia, The Sun reports (

“It was a bit cold at our backs, but we didn’t see or feel anyone behind us,” Cheryl told The Sun. “It was only when we flew back to England, and when I was looking at the photos, that I noticed something blurry.” Her husband speculated maybe it was just someone walking fast. The photo is shown, with the blurry part circled.

“But the thing is, everything around us is crystal clear, apart from that blur,” she explained. “I was very skeptical at first, but now I really think it looks like a man. There is a strong Titanic background in the bar, and the more you look at it, the more he resembles the captain.”

Cheryl sent the photo to ghost-hunting group Paranormal Investigations UK for analysis. “I was intrigued,” she said. “I simply wanted some answers.”

“When I got the report back from Paranormal Investigations UK,” she recalled, “I was freaked out, as they said the picture was 100 percent unexplained. I was left with more questions than answers.”

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