North Coast BIGFOOT believers may soon be able to thumb their noses and proclaim “I told you so!” to nonbelievers. Pictured, a still shot from film footage taken by ROGER PATTERSON and ROBERT GIMLIN in 1967.

A story from the Associated Press on CBS News online says that scientists at OXFORD UNIVERSITY in London and the LAUSANNE MUSEUM OF ZOOLOGY have sent the word out to museums, other scientists and bigfoot/HIMALAYAN YETI fans to send them biological samples thought to be from the elusive beastie so they can test the specimens for DNA (

The theory is that even if they decide the DNA is from some unknown species, they should be able to decipher how and where it fits in with other species, primates and humans. It is worth noting that BRYAN SYKES of Oxford mentioned there is already evidence that homo sapiens and Neanderthals interbred, and perhaps that’s the origin of the bigfoot/yeti.

So why are they investigating this now? The pragmatic Sykes declared, “If we don't look, we'll never find out.” When they’re done with the testing, they will publish the results. The world awaits.

— Elleda Wilson


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