The Knappa High School Class of 1963 held its 50th reunion at the Silver Salmon Grille Saturday. Thirteen attended, representing 65 percent of the living members, traveling from Iowa, Arizona, California, Washington and many towns in Oregon. 

Class members who attended were Rea Raihala Christoffersson, Gordon Hagglund, Lynn Cutlip Boyle, Jim Seloover, Joy Johnson Roehr, Pam Erickson, Mel Mark, Hazel Palmrose Barendse, Jean Estoos, Steve Bagley, Carolyn Kallstrom Marsh, Sharon Vosika Shalk and Bob Shartel.

During their high school years, this group styled themselves the “Progressive Class” because they were known for their lively, novel school activities, creating elaborate, themed decorations for dances and bringing the Kingsmen band (of “Louie, Louie” fame) to play at their junior prom.

It was the last class to graduate from the Knappa school system before the Baby Boom generation arrived, so it had  just 23 members, three of whom have died.

During their 12 years of schooling, the class contained students from several surrounding communities, including Clifton, Bradwood, Brownsmead, Knappa, Svensen and Burnside. This was the last class to go through the Knappa School system before the grade schools were fully consolidated, so the group attended school in four different buildings scattered around Knappa and Svensen between the first grade and high school graduation.  

All of the students at the reunion were together during all four years of high school, and 10 of them had been together since the first grade.

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