The lobby of the Clatsop Community College Performing Arts Center comes alive with a group show of paintings and multimedia art by two Astoria artists May 1-9.

Currently a resident of Astoria, Terrie Remington, creates sculptural paintings, murals, stained glass, panel installations and original masks. Examples of her local mural work can be seen at Ecola Seafoods in Cannon Beach and the Wet Dog Cafe and Las Maracas restaurant in Astoria.

Terrie Remington poses with two of her sculptured paintings. Submitted photo.May's exhibit will showcase Remington's sculptural painting technique, a medium of expression she developed in the late 1960s during an 11-year residence in Spain. Her sculptural paintings are created from raw silk linen canvas and natural fibers, permanently hardened to a wood-like texture with latex emulsions, and painted with acrylics and oils. Ground marble and clay are sometimes introduced to the pieces to produce textural effects, as are found natural objects like wood and shells from our local beaches and forests.

Kathleen Hanset was born in Portland, where she lived until she moved to Astoria two years ago. She generally paints directly from the tube, mixing her colors on the surface of the canvas. She feels that "pushing the paint around and seeing an image suddenly appear is exhilarating."