Visitors to Camp 18 on U.S. Highway 26 may be surprised to find, after a memorable lunch and a stroll through the gift shop, an extensive collection of logging memorabilia at the Camp 18 Logging Museum.

A nonprofit organization has recently been formed to promote and preserve the museum, which is separate from the restaurant and gift shop operation. Camp 18 founder Gordon Smith is the museum's director. Board members include Mike Clark, Merv Johnson, Ruth Shaner, Edwin Luoma, Dorothy Churchill, Waverlie Warila, Mark Morgans, John Nygaard, Mary Clark and Dennis Olstedt.

Founded by Maurie Clark and Gordon Smith in the 1970s, Camp 18 is a popular stopping place to eat and see the old-time logging equipment. The Camp 18 Logging Museum will continue to be a depository for newly discovered old items and will now house a research library for historians.

Those interested in logging history may become a member of Friends of Camp 18 for a $10 membership fee. Donations of time or materials are needed to preserve the museum and its collections for future generations.

New and prospective members are encouraged to join the board of directors at 9 a.m. Saturday to whack weeds and place new signage on the exhibits. Lunch and a board meeting will follow at noon. For information, call 755-2433 or 755-2372.