MICAH SAPP, pictured, looks like a typical kid. He’s a fifth-grader at Hilda Lahti Elementary School in Knappa, and his father, MIKE, is in the Air National Guard, and his mother, CINDY, teaches at Astoria Middle School. But he came up with a very untypical idea to help another boy.

“I’m making 1,000 ORIGAMI YODAS that people can sponsor for $1 each,” Micah announced on his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/TheYodaProject. “When I get 1,000 Yodas and $1,000, I’m going to give the money and Yodas to MARCUS BOLLES, a super cool 7-year-old who is fighting a super mean form of cancer.”

Micah will make one Yoda for each dollar he gets, and he’ll write the sponsor’s name on each one. “The project was all his idea,” Cindy explained. “He has been reading the ‘Origami Yoda’ series by TOM ANGLEBERGER, and the most recent book is kind of an art/crafts book (how to do the folding, how to draw the cartoons, etc). One page mentions making 1,000 Yodas. He said he wanted to try it, but that he wanted to do something cool with them, which is when he came up with the idea.”

Pretty soon, Micah had $60 in sponsorships, and he emailed the author asking him to sponsor a Yoda. Angleberger replied by sponsoring 60 of them. People are responding regularly with sponsorships on the Facebook page, and other kids are making Yodas for the cause. To keep the ball rolling, Micah has been going out and speaking to local groups about his project and rounding up even more sponsors.

If you would like to donate/send money, send it to: Yoda Project, 41535 Old Highway 30, Astoria, OR 97103. Checks can be made out to the Marcus Bolles Medical Fund. If you’d like to make a Yoda, check out http://tinyurl.com/yodafold

“You can help by sponsoring Yodas!” Micah declared. “Even one makes a difference!” A motivated young man can, too.

— Elleda Wilson


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