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Janessa Wright of Astoria (pictured), 21, has been a model since 2012, and she needs your vote in Model Management’s Fresh Faces 2015 competition.

“I’m just your sporadic burping tomboy who never thought I’d be a model,” Janessa told the Ear. “I love video games, sushi, and cats, and I live by karma and diligence. Video gaming is my favorite hobby besides animating, drawing and writing music.”

“The only reason I ever started modeling was because my mom always told me I was tall and gorgeous, and that I needed to try modeling,” she explained. “So I found a website called ModelMayhem and signed up. Less than three days after signing up, I had 28 messages asking about me.

“After a few years, I established many great connections and started working with very talented photographers. I’ve been recently looking into agencies and trying to get signed internationally, as Portland doesn’t have much to offer for a fashion model like me.

“I went to Los Angeles, and they loved me there — now I have agencies from L.A., Atlanta Georgia, Dallas, Texas, and Seattle looking at me. Of course, big agencies like them require proper sizes, so I’ve got some toning and working out to do before I’m ready!

“As for the Fresh Faces contest, it’s an international online contest that brings together only the best models from around the world to compete to win, and be signed by a great agency.”

How about giving her a vote (or several)? Go for it at

“My dream,” she added, “is to model in Japan and L.A.!” You can help her make it come true.

— Elleda Wilson

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