Starting in October, ELAINE EYMER of Seaside, pictured, began having electrical trouble with her 1996 car, and it wouldn’t start. Attempts were made to fix it, but it still wouldn’t start eight out of 10 times.

She was told that to fix it, switches were needed that were no longer available. So even though the car only had 59,000 original miles on it, Elaine was thinking of junking it – a disappointing option. After all, at 83, she had hoped to keep it until she could no longer drive.

And that’s when her neighbor, KEVIN RALPHS, also pictured, stepped in. “She’s the sweetest little thing,” he said. “I bring meals to her house, and she makes cookies and brownies.”

“Since they have moved into this complex,” Elaine observed, “he has looked after me. He and his wife, BOBBI, have taken very good care of me.”

Kevin gave Elaine his Camry so she could get around to do her errands and visit her friends, and took her car in exchange. In the meantime, unbeknownst to Elaine, he took her car to JEFF DOUGHTY, the service manager at the OCEAN CREST dealership in Warrenton, and arranged to have it properly repaired.

“I was elated when he traded me his car for mine,” Elaine told the Ear. “But then when he came in on Friday and handed me the keys, and said ‘your car is fixed,’ I almost had a heart attack. Oh that, Kevin, I’ll tell you – he’s something else.”

“I’d just like to get it known how people pull together for the community,” Kevin said. “We’re coming together for this nice little old lady.”

“I would like to sincerely thank Kevin Ralphs and Jeff Doughty for getting my car fixed,” Elaine added. “To have people like Kevin and Jeff go so far out of their way to help makes you feel the world is made up of truly caring people. There is no way I can ever repay them, but I’ll try.”

— Elleda Wilson


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