CANNON BEACH - White Bird Gallery presents exhibits from old friends and new favorites through Aug. 3. The exhibits open with a reception from 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, July 2 at the gallery, 251 N. Hemlock St.

South Gallery

Royal Nebeker: "Twelve Entries: Journals, Letters and Memories"

Royal Nebeker's new body of work is inspired by the journals kept during his travels. These works play on both the written word and drawings documenting moments in time, while Nebeker pays homage to 19th century recordkeeping and the everyday accounts of what are now only memories of a former time.

Nebeker is a long-term resident of Oregon's North Coast, and has become the gallery's most well-known artist, gaining national and international recognition with pieces in museums in Norway and Poland. In his expressionistic and gestural style, Nebeker paints still life studies of flowers and vases, filtering his images through dreams and memories. His personal stream of consciousness is distilled into each piece as a natural occurrence of the act of painting. As Nebeker puts it, his works are about the fragility of a moment and letting the works transcend beyond our limited "insufferable reality of here and now."

East Gallery

Tania Radda: wood sculpture

Tania Radda's sculptures take on lifelike forms derived from nature, where insects, plants and animals are presented in larger scale, enabling the viewer to experience a different perspective. Growing up in Brazil, Radda experienced an up close and fascinating perspective of nature. Today, the Arizona-based artist sculpts her forms in wood, continuing to explore and study wonderful life forms.

Andrea Johnson: new paintings

New artist Andrea Johnson paints surreal scenes of botanicals, insects and other flora and fauna. Placed in unusual settings with sophisticated and quirky juxtapositions, Johnson's masterfully refined scenes of flowers and leaves with insects and amphibians are rendered using layered acrylic glazes. Based on California's Central Coast, Johnson's work is represented in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Carmel, Calif., with pieces in numerous collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Anne John: new paintings

Anne John's figurative oil paintings are provocative and thoughtful commentaries. Relying on human and animal forms to convey her expression, John's work contains a subtle narrative, as her pieces capture solitary moments isolated within symbolic or imagined scenery. Light and shadow combine with John's warm, bold palette work to create a sense of tranquil mystery.

Barry McAlister: clay vessels

Clay vessels by Barry McAlisterBarry McAlister will be featured for the first time with her elegant and refined clay forms. McAlister's pieces push the boundaries between form and function. Her vessels stand alone as striking works of sculpture and also allow for use with floral arrangements.

Center Gallery

Boni and Dave Deal: raku fired ceramics

Raku-fired ceramic by Boni and Dave DealBoni and Dave Deal are longtime White Bird favorites. This husband and wife team create raku vessels, wall plaques and platters that are recognized for their classic form and intricate surface design. Wheel thrown by David and embellished with decoration by Boni, the vessels are truly one of a kind, featuring many natural and Pacific Northwest motifs such as salmon, herons and leaf imprints, all colored with the unique variations of raku firing.

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