One in 30 million


Many North Coasters are fans of all sorts of marine life, so the Ear can’t resist telling you about a lobsterman’s rare find: a calico lobster, pictured, courtesy of Deb Cram of the Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald.

According to the story in the Herald (, the 1 1/2 pound, approximately 5-year-old critter was caught in a trap by Josiah Beringer and his nephew, Isaiah Jewell, in an area called Washerwoman Rock, off Hampton Beach, N.H.

A marine biologist, Ellen Goethel, who runs the Explore Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton (, said the crustacean’s spots (which are even on its antennae) are a mutation found in 1 in every 30 to 50 million lobsters; the only thing rarer is an albino.

Josiah gave the lobster, which he named Blue, to the Oceanarium, where he’ll stay for the summer. “I always like to donate cool stuff like that so kids can learn about them,” he told the Herald.

Never fear, old Blue is not sentenced to a life of confinement. “He’s quite happy,” Goethel reassured the reporter, “and he’ll go back to the ocean after a little stint here.” Hopefully, he has learned his lesson about lobster traps.

— Elleda Wilson

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