A live theatrical event at Bethany Lutheran Church recounts the life of Martin Luther Sunday, Nov. 7. "Martin: A Life of Martin Luther" is an original one-man portrayal, written and performed by Allan Lemke at 7 p.m.

The piece is the result of a lifelong interest, now devoted to expressing the gospel in a fresh and interesting way. The play runs approximately one hour and 10 minutes and includes a 10-minute intermission.

Lemke has performed "Martin" to wide acceptance in Lutheran as well as other churches from coast to coast in more than 22 states for several years. Pacific Lutheran University's chaplains deemed the play "excellent." A pastor in Keizer called the play "the closest thing to Martin Luther this side of Wittenberg."

Lemke graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Dramatic Art in 1977. He has directed a range of plays, from Shakespearean to modern. He has also worked with The Colorful Company of Theatricals for Christ and other Christian theater troupes.

Lemke and his wife, Jenny, have lived in Sisters for more than 13 years. They have two children, Justin, 27, and Emily, 15. The Lemkes also perform other plays that convey the message of the gospel while expressing an evangelistic viewpoint. Allan Lemke said, "Christian drama is a great tool for relating the gospel in a world that needs hope." Their Web site can be seen at users.bendnet.com/exousia

For information, call Bethany Lutheran Church at (503) 325-2925.


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