JACKSON MEYER of Hilo, Hawaii, pictured, aka the street performer TIN MAN of Seaside, needs your vote. He’s one of the five finalists (out of almost 1,000 entries) in a GLOBAL VISION INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (www.gviusa.com).

In case you’re wondering, GVI offers worldwide volunteer opportunities that include teaching, sports, construction and health care projects and wildlife and marine conservation. Participants have to pay for their own air fare, and other incidental costs.

The winner of the competition will go on a multi-placement excursion around the world for one year, flights and an HD?video camera included, traveling and participating in a combination of GVI?volunteer projects and expeditions, and then reporting their experiences via blog posts and photo and video updates.

“My dream since a little boy has always been to travel the world,” Jackson told the Ear. “I got a taste of traveling when I lived in Suriname, South America, for one year.” He loves experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, and “you get to meet amazing people along the way.”

He’s been a volunteer since grade school, which helped him reach the rank of EAGLE SCOUT. “Volunteering around the community and county made me realize that helping one another is a very fulfilling feeling, and it is the right thing to do,” Jackson explained. “You could say I like volunteering a lot,” he noted.

So, of course, this GVI competition is right up his alley. You can vote for him on Facebook here: http://tinyurl.com/votejackson. The voting ends May 18.

“If you know me, you would know how excited I get about this kind of thing,” Jackson assured the Ear. “If you don’t know me, I am a community kid and I love our great state of Oregon, and I ask for your support of me in this competition.”

The Ear was only too happy to “vote early and often” for the young go-getter, but you can only vote once. So please do. And hopefully you will tell all your friends to give him a vote, too.

— Elleda Wilson


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