Rally around the browns


“The Brown family (Ben, Carrie, Kai and Kleary, pictured) lost their home to a fire Nov. 7,” Tiffany Hessel wrote. “The dogs woke them up at around midnight; when Ben awoke there was already smoke throughout the whole house, they only had time to get kids and dogs out of the house. The family safely got out ... but with no clothes, shoes, blankets ... Everything was completely gone, no wallet, cell phone etc.” She has set up a fundraising account to help the family, at http://tinyurl.com/4Browns.

“I wish I could personally thank and hug each and every one of you!” Carrie Brown posted on the GoFundMe page. “Thank you so very much for the love and support. I am struggling with the words to express how much it means to myself and my family, but please know that we are so grateful for all that everyone has done for us. We are overwhelmed with all of your kindness.”

And let’s keep that support going. If donating online isn’t your cup of tea, another way you can help the Browns is to buy raffle tickets for a basket of goodies and gift certificates from local businesses at The Chart Room, 1196 Marine Drive. Tickets are $1 each, and the drawing is Nov. 30.

“We also have a jar for donations,” Chart Room manager Kendra Cavett told the Ear, “and our entire full-time staff has graciously volunteered to put a percentage of their tips towards the fundraising effort. Please stop by, buy a ticket, donate ... support this family.”

— Elleda Wilson

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