If you suspect one or more of your ancestors fought in the Civil War but lack the details to prove it, or if you know an ancestor fought but want to know in which battles, Clay Feeter may be able to help.

Feeter, a Civil War researcher, speaker, and publisher of TheHistoryCalendar.com is offering free ancestor searches of Union and some Confederate soldier rosters from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 2 at Godfather's Books, 1108 Commercial St.

Utilizing an available database and years of personal research, Feeter says, "In most cases, we can learn what rank an ancestor held, whether he was wounded or captured and what town and state he lived in at the time he enlisted; occasionally, we also find his wife's name."

Many Americans don't know they had ancestors who served in the Civil War, according to Feeter. "Even those who think their great-grandfathers were soldiers don't often know where to begin the search. Now, as long as you can provide a few details, we can usually find an ancestor in a matter of minutes."

The ancestor searches are free, then if an ancestor is found Feeter makes available a compiled Soldier Report and Regimental History for $30. Feeter asks that people bring, or e-mail the following information ahead of time:

• First, middle (if known) and last name(s) of ancestor(s) you suspect may have served in the Civil War.

• Ancestors' birthdates and place of place of birth, if known. Most likely Civil War soldiers birthdates were between 1812 and 1847.

• Preferably, which state they lived in around 1861.

"Remember," says Feeter, "you have eight sets of great-great grandparents, and four sets of great grandparents, so be sure to check all sides of the family, including your mother's mother's side."

You may want to bring in family history notes or genealogy books so Feeter can gain added details for the search. Also, the Civil War researcher is compiling material for an upcoming book, so he is on the watch for copies of soldier diaries from the "War of the Rebellion."

To send ancestor information prior to the event, those interested can e-mail ClayFeeter@aol.com, or call (541) 247-0936.


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