MANZANITA - Family counselor Kathleen Moore presents a slide show of images from sandtrays and will speak from her 30 years of experience in public service and private practice in "Intuition Made Visible: The Power of the Sandtray Experience," a lighthearted evening of images and discussion from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 13, at the Pine Grove Community Center, 225 Laneda Ave. Her program demonstrates the beauty, turmoil, resolution and joy that can be a part of the sandtray experience.

Sandtray is a multifaceted process of using sand, water and small figures to create a world within which you can explore, remember, reconfigure and shift life patterns. Specific issues can be addressed or vague unknowns can be given form. You can grieve, rejoice, be fearful, be powerful or celebrate, Moore said. Sandtray works on the past, the present and the future simultaneously. "I am continually amazed at how the sandtray process lightens and helps resolve even the most difficult problems," she noted.

While growing up, Moore had a huge sand lot in which many childhood fantasies (and fights with her older brothers) were played out. There was clay under the sand, so she dug down and formed the beings that inhabited those fantasy worlds from clay. This was the beginning of her understanding of the healing value of sand play.

Moore worked as a counselor in the Multnomah County Outdoor School Program and the Portland Public Schools Child Development Specialist program for a total of 10 years. She earned her degree in child and family therapy from Marylhurst University and continues to take courses and attend conferences to further her learning.

Moore was in private practice in Portland for 13 years working with children, teens and parents, with a caseload consisting mostly of divorce, death, anxiety and sexual abuse issues. She was also a grief facilitator at The Dougy Center for five years. Currently, she has an office at the Light Spirit Center in the Hoffman Center building in Manzanita.

Moore said she has been able to remain delighted with the sandtray process as she continues to help people deal with the difficulties of life. In addition, she is offering her office and complete sandtray collection of figures for personal celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, art and writing inspiration and groups.

For further information, visit or call (503) 368-3739.


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