Bringing light and hope to the North Coast, the Lucia Bride makes her annual appearance at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 26 at the Astoria High School auditorium.

According to Scandinavian legend, Lucia was a medieval saint who carried food and drink to hungry folk in the Swedish province of Varmland during a period of famine. She was seen across Lake Vanern in a white gown and crown of lights. The 2004 Lucia Bride, Tessa Ter Har, will wear the traditional costume for the procession and festivities.

She will be attended by the Senior Court (April Brandon, Danielle Cederberg and Katherine Arnell), Junior Court (Olivia Jeremiah, Hanna Schroeder, Claire Gimre and Kim Dowaliby) and Star Boys (Mackenzie Mathews, Mathew Cox, Fridtjof Fremstad and Nolan Mathews). The Viking, Nordic and Scandia Dancers will perform traditional holiday folk dances and music will be provided by Jorgen Madsen and Sven Sundstrom. Refreshments are provided by the Finnish Brotherhood Lodge No. 2.

The Festival of Lights is being held at Astoria High School for the first time, after several years at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds.

Santa Lucia song


Natten g r tunga fjat rund g rd och stuva;

kring jord, som sol farlat, skuggorna ruva.

D i v rt marka hus, stiger med tanda ljus,

Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

English, freely translated:

Night plods with heavy tread, court and hearth cov'ring.

O'er earth, now sunshine's sped, shadows are hov'ring.

Dark in our home takes flight, when comes with tapers bright,

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.



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