• Remember Destiny, the completely restored 81-year-old, 85-foot hermaphrodite brigantine staysail schooner that was moored off Astoria for a while ( Commissioned by American playwright, screenwriter, and film director Preston Sturgess in 1934, and once owned by Howard Hughes, the Destiny also served in the Hooligan Navy during World War II.

Current owners Mike and Dawn Hilliard decided to have Destiny spend the winter here in Astoria, and went looking for a slip where she could be safe and cozy. In the process, they had an interesting encounter.

“Think you might be interested to know,” the couple told the Ear, “that the local Port Operations Manager, Matt McGrath, just told us that his grandfather used to own Destiny. And, that he and his dad used to sail on her when she was in Hawaii.”

How’s that for a “small world” moment?

• The Ear has been taken to task for last week’s story about mega-yacht Sailing Yacht A by Alex Andreev of Eurasia Advisory, a “strategic communications and public affairs firm.” He represents the billionaire owner of the $400 million vessel, Andrey Melnichenko.

Was Mr. Andreev distressed because the boat was mentioned as being possibly one of the ugliest yachts ever built? No. He objected to the use of the name White Pearl, which has been bandied about in several publications as being the vessel’s actual moniker. But it ain’t so. Not at all.

“Sailing Yacht A is the only existing name of the vessel,” Mr. Andreev wrote. “There is no yacht or project called White Pearl, which is incorrect.” The Ear stands, and sits, corrected. Sailing Yacht A it is.

— Elleda Wilson

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