“RANDY ‘BERT’ HUNT, of the Svensen Hunts, grew up in ‘slough country’ with a congenital heart defect,” CAROL NEWMAN told the Ear. He is pictured with his dog, HARRY.

Living with Tetralogy of Fallot has been quite a challenge. He got his first defibrillator in 1994, and he’s writing a book, “BERT’S BOX: WIRED FOR LIFE,” that combines his experiences with both the heart condition and growing up in Svensen.

His goal is to inspire those who have, or know someone with, a life-threatening illness, or who are in need of a “dose of courage.” But that’s not all. “Randy absolutely means for it to be a regional memoir,” said his wife, CAROLINE TAYLOR, “for everyone in Clatsop County and the Pacific Northwest to enjoy.”

“I read excerpts,” Carol told the Ear, “and found them very engaging, well written, informative and full of local material.”

Even though Randy started the book in August, it has been hard to concentrate on writing while being a hands-on painting contractor at the same time. A man on a mission, he stopped painting and now dedicates all of his time to the book. Here’s where you can help: Randy is seeking funding to “buy time” to keep writing through a campaign on the Kickstarter website.

To donate, go to http://tinyurl.com/randyhunt. North Coasters: Here’s your chance to be a patron/patroness of the arts. If you would like to help this aspiring local writer, please donate by 6 p.m. May 26.

“Randy’s book really is going to be a local treasure,” declared DEBBIE TWOMBLY. “I hope it then goes farther.”

— Elleda Wilson


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