Taking ‘The High Road’

Former Naselle, Washington, resident Serena (Johnson) Travis emailed the Ear to say that she and her husband, Drake, a minister and author, are hosting a show on national TV, “The High Road” (http://thehighroadshow.com). She’s actually wearing two hats, as she is also the executive producer.

Billed as a “Cure for Cultural Chaos,” the show explores issues facing our culture, and features guest interviews and conservative commentary. The hosts tackle multiple topics over different segments, including Serena sharing about her Scandinavian roots; Melissa Nunnally (moderator) and Maxwell Adams (global consultant) are also on board as regulars.

“The High Road” just finished filming its first season in Los Angeles, and premieres at 8 p.m. Sunday on Uplift TV (DirecTV 379). Goonie fans should take note that there’s a little something for them in the show: Each episode opens with a guest interview, and one of the guest stars is Robert Davi (opera singing Jake Fratelli). He is pictured, top right, with Serena and Drake.

Other guests include Erika Eleniak (“Baywatch”), champion Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Chad Robichaux, Brad Dacus (president of the Pacific Justice institute), and Brenda Epperson (“The Young and the Restless,” and co-founder of Ascend Women’s Confidence).

Serena is a 1990 graduate (and valedictorian) of Naselle High School. She also graduated from Clatsop Community College in 1992. “Journalism was more of a hobby for me,” Serena noted. “I started a newsletter in junior high and for Phi Theta Kappa at Clatsop. It’s surprising when your hobby grows to something much bigger, like a TV talk show.”

— Elleda Wilson

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