An interesting tidbit appeared on ANDRE HAGESTEDT’S OREGON COAST BEACH CONNECTION ( recently. JOHN FORSYTHE, owner of the Proposal Rock Inn in Neskowin, found a LONGNOSE LANCETFISH washed up on the beach. His photo of the critter is pictured.

The SEASIDE AQUARIUM noted that every year they receive two or three sightings of lancetfish on the North Coast. They don’t wash up often, but they are in the ocean off the coast, and turn up as bycatch occasionally. No one actually fishes for the six-foot long deep water fish, as they are not very tasty.

The beastie has a high dorsal fin and a fierce-sounding Latin name, Alepisaurus ferox, that fits its voracious appetite and razor sharp teeth, as they devour everything from squid to plastic. Intact plastic soft drink bottles have even been found in their stomachs, according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report (http://tinyurl .com/noaalancet), leading to the conclusion that the fish can serve as a “biological monitor of synthetic pollution in the ocean.”

— Elleda Wilson


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