As you might already know from Monday’s Daily Astorian, CHRIS “CAPTAIN CRUNCH” CAMERON, pictured, SUMMITED MOUNT EVEREST May 25. But the Ear bets you didn’t know this little back story.

Chris’ aunt, GEORGIA MARINCOVICH, called the Ear to say he was featured on the PEAK FREAKS blog, Everest News (, which praised him as a “teammate that really stands out this year.”

But Chris almost didn’t make it to the top. The day before the team was heading up to the summit, TIM RIPPEL, the team leader, sent Chris to EverestER to get a pain checked out – Chris fell in the U.S. before leaving on the trip, and the doctors wanted to make sure he didn’t have a broken rib.

Chris had to go all the way back down the trail to Khunde, Nepal, to get an X-ray. Fortunately, the results were negative. “They determined he had developed a type of ulcer that is apparently common with the Sherpas during expeditions,” the blog noted. “He said they gave him a pill, he let out a big belch and was perfectly fine afterwards.” 

It’s the stuff legends are made of. “Crunchy’s story will be one of those that will be told for many a year,” the blog announced. To everyone’s amazement, all he needed after trotting back to base camp was a quick nap. Then he caught up with the rest of his team at Camp 2 (no small climb), and he was off to the top of the world.

— Elleda Wilson


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