Those great big Google-y eyes


Google is everywhere - even in Seaside. Recently the Ear spotted a Google Street View Car, like the one pictured, pulling out of a side street in Seaside, heading north on U.S. Highway 101, then turning off in Gearhart. It turns out Google was, indeed, redoing street view in both Clatsop and Tillamook counties.

According to Google, Street View was launched in 2007 ( “When we first started Street View as an experimental project, we packed several computers into the back of an SUV, stuck cameras, lasers, and a GPS device on top, and drove around collecting our first imagery.”

However, it’s a whole new ball game now. Street Views now include locations on all seven continents — notable exceptions being Russia, China, and most of Africa. The car’s mounted cameras take slightly overlapping photos, which they later put together to create a single seamless 360-degree panoramic photo.

Want to see street views of just about anywhere? Go to, type in an address and see what happens.

And it’s not just cars that are being used to get the photos, either. The Google team also employs the Street View Trike, Snowmobile, and Trekker (used to collect views inside museums, and even in the White House).

What’s next? The Street View Kayak?

— Elleda Wilson

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