TILLAMOOK COUNTY - Experienced forest interpreters offer guided walks, talks and tours on this 364,000-acre forest located an hour west of Portland in the northern Coast Range. Programs are free and are conducted at easily reachable locations off Oregon Highway 6 in the Tillamook State Forest. Average program length is one hour.

Why is a diverse forest important? In "Trees of the Tillamook," at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 12, explore the Tillamook Forest's sea of green as interpreters identify native trees and their uses, discuss their adaptations to life in the Coast Range and explain how trees grow and change through the seasons. The program meets in the Gales Creek Campground Day-Use Area.

At 7 p.m. Saturday, June 12, turn your gaze skyward at the Smith Homestead Day-Use Area for "Batty about Bats." Join interpreters to discover and learn about these mini-mammals that rule the sky at night. Learn about the natural history of some of Oregon's bat species and the myths that surround these creatures.

Special arrangements can be made for custom programs. Call to schedule a program at least two weeks in advance of your planned program date. Group size is limited to 15. For information, contact Denise Diermeier, Oregon Department of Forestry, (503) 359-7485, e-mail ddiemeier@odf.state.or.us, or visit the Web site www.odf.state.or.us/areas/northwest/tillamook/tsf/inter.asp


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