Time in a box


American history enthusiasts should enjoy this: Recently, more than 200 years after SAMUEL ADAMS (right), PAUL REVERE (left) and WILLIAM SCOLLAY first placed a TIME CAPSULE in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House in Boston, it was opened. Both Adams and Revere are pictured in portraits by John Singleton Copley.

It took seven hours to remove the box from the cornerstone in December, CNN reported, more than four hours to loosen the screws holding it shut, and another hour to extract the contents with a porcupine quill and a dental tool (http://tinyurl.com/reverecap).

The capsule contained five folded newspapers, a Massachusetts commonwealth seal, a title page from Massachusetts colony records, at least 24 coins, and at the bottom, an inscribed rectangular silver plate — probably made and engraved by Revere. The box had been opened once before, in 1855, and a few objects were added.

Will officials add anything more before eventually putting the capsule back? Probably.

— Elleda Wilson

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